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Covering of Sieve Frames

Covering of Sieve Frames


Chemavox Benelux BV is specialised in (re-)covering of sieve frames of screening machines. Modern clamping devices, in which sieve gauzes are pneumatically tensioned to the desired pretension, are used in our workshop. After the prestressing the sieve gauze is secured to the frame with glue or impulse-resistance-welding. As is shown on the picture, the group of pneumatic clamping devices can be extended to every size and form.
For gluing glues are used which are suitable for your application. For applications in food industries we have a FDA-approved glue available .
Due to our large stock of stainless steel and synthetic sieve gauzes we can provide very short delivery times in critical situations.
We are happy to make you an offer for (re-)covering your sieve frames or to visit you for further clarification.