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Drum Hoop Mixer

Drum Hoop Mixer


–  mixing, homogenizing, dyeing
–  5 different sizes
–  mixing containers for 50 up to 400 litres
–  batch operation
–  wide range of additional equipment and special executions
–  optional GMP execution
–  optional with variable speed
–  optional with ATEX conformable acc. to regulation 94/9 EC

Range of Application

Mixing, homogenizing and dyeing of powdery or granulated components in the plastics, chemical, chemico-technical industry, drug and dye works, food and luxury food industry as well as textile and leather industry. Moreover, special purposes such as dissolving solids in liquids, polishing metal or plastic parts, moving inert media to avoid structural changes and cleaning containers by means of solvents.


–  intensive mixing even in the case of small quantities, for example of additives or active
–  well suitable for frequent product changes, as the storage container at the same time
    serves as a mixing container
–  easy exchanging of the mixing container
–  easy cleaning of the mixing container
–  optional GMP execution